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Introducing PORTiBAC, a medicinal grade disinfection ‘fogging’ system fully BS certified to kill all strains of Covid-19 on surfaces.

PORTiBAC, a new state of the art, medical grade disinfection ‘fogging systems’ to offer the hospitality and travel industries a safe environment for staff and customers and to return consumer confidence to these struggling industries since the start of national lockdown.

The new normal of ‘living with COVID’ in hospitality and travel has demanded new practices that hadn’t previously been undertaken.  One such innovation is the practice of ‘fogging’ or spraying large areas, to help eradicate the spread of viruses at your venue which could be living and breeding on a surface.

The PORTiBAC spray unique sanitising solution is made in the UK to British Safety Standards, that is alcohol-free and contains no chlorides or ammonium salts, ensuring it is safe to use in all environments.

An essential and effective tool in protecting and preventing the spread of pathogenic microbes, PORTiBAC joins in the battle to keep everyone healthy, especially during this current pandemic, making is safer for your business.

Comments founder Mike Cohen of The, which manufactures PORTiBAC: “Visible, effective sanitisation is vital during the economy’s recovery phase, and methods of fogging or spray sanitisation are essential to make all business’s and environments safer.  Disinfection fogging is a method of application that rivals the conventional application of other cleaning products.

“Where weekly disinfection and sanitisation may miss hard to reach areas, ‘fogging’ ensures that the micro droplets of disinfectant are dispensed to cover all surfaces, penetrate cracks and crevices and high level objects”. PORTiBAC can reach the areas that other sanitising equipment cannot reach.

PORTiBAC Spray Systems are easy to use by existing personnel – full training can be given, or there is the option to call in  PORTiBAC’S sanitising squad who can undertake the task of fogging for you.

Available in two different scents – earthy cinnamon and tropical citrus, there are four fogging spray systems for the hospitality, leisure and travel trade including our PORTiBAC mobile car which can sanitise larger spaces in minutes.

Continues Cohen: “As people continue to return to hotels, bars and restaurants, even despite the new regulations, its the industry must do everything they can to give these cautious returnees the confidence to become regular customers again”.


PORTiBAC, 800ML CORDLESS SPRAY GUN £150 – ‘Certified to Kill Covid-19’

This cordless gun sprayer has a simple mission – to sanitise a pub/restaurant and all small to medium size spaces including buses and train carriages within minutes.  With its easy to carry case, the PORTiBAC 800ML SPRAY GUN is ready to go anywhere. Available in 3 finishes – metallic matt gold, brushed silver and brilliant white. Comes with FREE 800ML solution and a PORTiBAC carry case.  PORTiBAC 800ML bottles & 5L containers are available to purchase for easy solution replacements for easy refill.

PORTiBAC 1500 10L BackPack

PORTiBAC 1500 10L BackPack £395 and includes 20L (£100 worth) of our PORTiBAC solution.

From a wedding venue to a concert arena, football stadium to school, airport to train station, the PORTiBAC 1500 has a 10L capacity and 8 metre length cord, enabling this backpack fogger to make short work of a big area. When turnaround times are tight, equip a team with the PORTiBAC 1500 and a daunting challenge is quickly and effectively solved. Alternatively call in our PORTiBAC SANITISING SQUAD and they will arrive ready prepared to sanitise areas others cannot reach, making it simple to sanitised for your venue.


Fast effective protection against Covid19

Making the streets you walk and places you visit safer.

The PORTiBAC mobile is part of the PORTiBAC family.

The PORTiBAC mobile is the extra safety we needed to sanitise larger areas quickly to kill covid which remains airborne and on surfaces within our high streets, public areas/ walkways of stadiums, hospitals schools, parks and alike.

Our solution is pumped through the tank then pumped through a 10M sprayer.

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