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SevenRooms keeps U.K. industry leaders ahead of the curve on guest experience & technology innovation

SevenRooms experiences significant growth in the U.K. with a suite of tools to help operators focus on high-touch hospitality

SevenRooms, the all-in-one reservation, seating and guest management platform, is empowering U.K. restaurant operators to own direct relationships with their guests, giving them the tools they need to fill their seats for less, increase profitability, and understand their guests on a personal level. By focusing on the key pain points in the restaurant industry today, specifically the lack of actionable guest data available to operators, and the rising costs associated with third party booking systems and daily operations, SevenRooms has continued to gain momentum in the U.K. market, with several notable operators joining SevenRooms over the past 12 months, and a 230% increase in the number of reservations booked through the SevenRooms platform year over year.

With a major shift in guest expectations happening in recent years, especially with the next generation of diners focused on overall experience when choosing a restaurant, operators across the U.K. looked to SevenRooms to help them improve experience across the guest journey. From booking a reservation to in-service personalization, to post-service feedback and marketing, restaurateurs in the SevenRooms network now have the ability to capture and leverage detailed guest data at every stage of their journey to deliver exceptional experiences to each guest every time.

Legacy reservation systems, who often profit from owning the guest relationship themselves, have historically withheld critical guest data from operators. This, in turn, has limited an operator’s ability to track guest preferences and spend history and tailor service and recommendations for all but the restaurant’s most loyal customers. In a post-GDPR era, these systems have created more data challenges than they solve, causing operational friction for restaurateurs that have no way to effectively manage their data. SevenRooms has flipped this model completely, empowering restaurants to create direct relationships with guests from the moment they book.

With SevenRooms, operators have access to tools that include a custom-branded online booking experience, robust guest profiles, real-time point-of-sale integration and advanced reservation and campaign reporting to help inform future marketing efforts. Additionally, guest data is no longer siloed to a single property. It can easily be shared securely and in a GDPR-compliant manner across sister properties in a restaurant group. Unlocking and sharing this guest data across properties drives increased bookings and spend while enabling a consistent, personalized guest experience. In fact, using SevenRooms’ white-label online booking tools, Inception Group, the brand behind Mr. Fogg’s and Cahoots, among others, increased online bookings by 20% month-over-month.

“It is difficult to sum up sufficiently succinctly the full extent of the benefits and advantages of working with SevenRooms,” said Jeremy King, CEO of Corbin & King. “Just the centralised data-base, estate wide visibility, guest profiling and auto assignation each alone easily justify the switch – and yet there is so much more. Whatever our ambitions for the business they are matched by those of SevenRooms and it is a delight to work with a company that understands the changing needs of restaurants in a digital age.”

“The globalization of the hospitality industry has presented a unique challenge to restaurateurs looking for a technology solution that can meet their evolving needs,” said Joel Montaniel, Founder and CEO of SevenRooms. “From increased competition across the sector, to shrinking margins due to rising post-Brexit labor, food and rent costs, restaurant operators have begun looking at new technologies that can help them stand apart from the crowd. Our focus on bringing best-in-class, GDPR-compliant tools to the U.K. market has not only enabled our clients to boost their revenue, but has enabled more personalized service and marketing, leading to deeper guest relationships. We are thankful for the support of our U.K. partners, and look forward to our continued growth across the U.K.”

Key client wins include:

  • Corbin & King: The Wolseley, Bellanger, Fischer’s, The Delaunay, Colbert, Brasserie Zédel, The Colony Grill Room, The Beaumont
  • JKS Restaurants: Trishna, Gymkhana, Hoppers, Motu Indian Kitchen, Brigadiers, Bubbledogs, Lyle’s, Kitchen Table, Sabor, XU
  • Inception Group: Bunga Bunga, Mr. Fogg’s Residence, Barts, Cahoots, Maggie’s, BungaTINI, Mr. Fogg’s Gin Parlour, Mr. Fogg’s Tavern, Mr. Fogg’s House of Botanicals, Mr. Fogg’s Society of Exploration
  • Marcus Wareing Restaurants: Tredwells, the Gilbert Scott, Marcus, George’s Bar
  • All England Lawn Tennis Club (Wimbledon): Members Dining Rooms, The Champions Room, The Courtside Restaurant, The Renshaw, The Wingfield, The Courtside Grill, The Veranda, The Baseline
  • Novikov Restaurant & Bar

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