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Shaftesbury pulls debut noodle concept into Chinatown London

Shaftesbury has announced the signing of Kung Fu Noodle, set to be the first live hand-pulled noodle concept in Chinatown London, when it opens later this spring.

Kung Fu Noodle takes one of the destination’s most prominent locations, a two-floor, 1,800 sq ft unit on the corner of Shaftesbury Avenue and Wardour Street. The restaurant will cater for up to 50 diners, and will serve an array of authentic noodle preparations, specialising in Lanzhou beef noodle soup, a revered dish from Gansu province in Northwest China.

Founder Alex Xu has been part of the Chinatown London community for many years, as the restaurateur behind local favourites, Happy Lemon and Meet Fresh. His latest concept takes its name from the hand-pulling of noodles, which sees the chefs look like they are practicing Kung Fu.

 Alex Xu, Founder, Kung Fu Noodle, added: “The beauty of Chinatown London is that it means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. It’s an exciting meal out, it’s a place to explore, it’s a home away from home. It’s safe to say with my three businesses in the area, I love Chinatown London, and I’m so thrilled to be debuting the Kung Fu Noodle concept here soon.”

Julia Wilkinson, Restaurant Director at Shaftesbury, added: “Chinatown London has become a place for firsts. Kung Fu Noodle is yet another debut, with its hand-pulled noodles adding to the Chinatown London experience, much like Jen Café does with their amazing dumpling maker in the window. It also showcases the success of our community; Alex’s continued investment in new concepts shows just how important and relevant the destination is, and its value to the people who work and live here.

 Further information can be found @ChinatownLondon and