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Tamias Merges with Time 2 Dine expanding portfolio and fuelling growth

POS system provider seeks to leverage World Cup success as part of ongoing growth strategy

POS system provider Tamias has today announced a merger with Time 2 Dine, gaining access to Time 2 Dine’s cutting-edge technology, extensive network, and an array of valuable partnerships, as the company leverages its success in FIFA World Cup fan zones.

Following a successful contribution to the first World Cup held in the Middle East, the next stop for the ambitious tech company is the UK, and the joining of forces with Time 2 Dine serves to further solidify the position of their POS systems as part of the dining, retail and hospitality industry.

“We were delighted that the power of Tamias POS was showcased during the FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup” said Adam Haines, CEO of Tamias. “We’ve been based in Qatar to date, a place that fosters innovation, particularly in tech and smart systems.  Now we’re bringing the same advanced technology and its user-friendly interface to customers in the UK, cementing our position as a provider of POS systems globally through this merger with Time 2 Dine.”

The strategic partnership marks a significant milestone for both companies, as they join forces to enhance their offerings and deliver unparalleled value to customers worldwide.  It also comes at a prime time in Tamias’ ambitious growth plan, bringing the value of its experience in the UK market and a tried and tested business model, expertise and customer base.

The hope of the merged companies is that shared synergies will facilitate the development of a comprehensive portfolio that caters to the evolving needs of the F&B industry. By leveraging these combined strengths, Tamias will continue to revolutionise the way people dine and enjoy exceptional hospitality experiences.

CEO of Time 2 Dine, Florin Mandache, commented, “We’re excited to join forces with Tamias following their standout success in the Middle East, and are confident that the integration of Time 2 Dine’s expertise and offerings will accelerate the growth trajectory and unlock new avenues for success.”

Clients and partners of both Time 2 Dine and Tamias can expect a seamless transition during this merger. The consolidated resources and talent pool will ensure uninterrupted service delivery and an even greater level of support as they embark on their journey of growth and innovation. As the companies work hand-in-hand, they will strive to redefine industry standards, foster sustainable partnerships, and make a lasting impact on the global culinary landscape.