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The New Indulgence Series: The COCOONING Line

Small gifts let guests know that their hosts really value and appreciate them. Hoteliers to whom this is important will, without a doubt, find that something special in the new indulgence products of the “COCOONING Line” from ADA Cosmetics International.

January 2015 – How important are the little indulgences in the hotel room or bathroom to a hotel guest? The fact is that they are greatly appreciated. Guests value these small gifts as an attentive gesture and feel welcome. Many of these exclusive little favors are treasured for travel or as a constant companion in the handbag. This is an intentional effect because there is hardly any better advertising for the hotel.

ADA Cosmetics International (ADA) now is expanding its extensive accessories series Cocooning Line with a ‘best of’ selection of pampering body care products. This includes a refreshing foot cream for exceptionally soft feet, a moisturizing hand cream, a soothing intimate wash, a mild cream bath and a relaxing body oil. Additional indulgence articles already are planned. Hotel guests can look forward to a caring lip balm, a soft body peeling, a gentle eye contour cream as well as a ‘cool mint’ mouthwash for fresh breath.

The design of the Cocooning products is characterized by simple elegance, an assured timelessness and, therefore, can be easily customized with the hotel logo or the hotel’s color scheme. This is how small indulgences become high-profile messengers of the hotel brand. For more information, please visit