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Natural Sea Sponges. Ultimate luxury and very kind to the skin.

Whilst much is said about how natural soap and shower gel may be, how much thought is given to bathing sponges? Manufactured from rubber and harsh anti-bacterial chemicals in a factory or grown wild and ethically harvested from the sea bed?


From the Mediterranean comes the soft, silky and amazingly absorbent honeycomb sponge. Its luxurious massage and gentle exfoliation has yet to be replicated by any synthetic product. Channels and pores within the sponge’s cell structure draw dirt away from the skin whilst bathing, making a superior, softer and more hygienic wash. Natural enzymes in the sponge’s structure inhibit the growth of bacteria or mould resulting in a cleaner wash without irritating chemicals. Specialist highly trained and certified divers ethically harvest the sponges from the sea bed leaving the roots embedded to re grow again and again.


Users of natural sponges regularly comment about how ‘tingly’ and soft the skin feels after use. Only a tiny amount of soap is required to create a thick, indulgent lather, saving money and getting more washes out of a soap bar or bottle. Hypoallergenic, the honeycomb sponge is gentle on sensitive skin, even when some skin conditions are present.


Natural honeycomb sponges from Greece are incredibly tough. Cared for they will last for years and outlive a series of synthetic sponges or flannels. Ultimately after years of service the natural sponge biodegrades safely and ecologically.


Stories of natural sponge use are recorded as early as the 8th Century BC. A luxury previously available only to the rich and the elite, now lower prices and managed harvesting make the sponges accessible to all. Natural Choice Wholesale Ltd is a specialist company that only supplies sponges ethically sourced from the wild.


Packed in a choice of boxes and bags, we offer personalisation to bring a little more indulgence and luxury to hotel and spa brands. Contact us for a discussion about giving your guests the most luxurious bath ever!


Sea sponges are nature’s home grown skin conditioner and cleanser. Nothing comes close to the fresh clean feeling of bathing with a natural sea sponge.


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