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The new sign of the most trustworthy hoteliers

Thanks to a new technology and a revolutionary service concept, Valpas Hotels are introducing a new class of most trustworthy hotels in the world. Hotels that are safe of bed bugs.

Customers choose a hotel based on trust. Fifty years ago a big brand name like Hilton did the trick: it provided a mental shortcut for a trustworthy stay. Today, the world is a different place and trustworthiness is driven mostly by other things: online reviews, pictures and visual appearance, overall reputation – and small details in between.

However, there’s one thing that has decreased people’s trust over any hotel stay: bed bugs. Bed bugs have spread throughout the world and today everybody knows no place is safe. They come and go on people’s belongings, tag along from anywhere where people spend time – an airplane, a cab, an airbnb, a five-star hotel room, or even your local Apple store – and end up attacking people, leaving them both physically and mentally harmed.

Today, everybody understands all spaces are open to them. That’s why people cannot fully trust even the best hotels to be safe of bed bugs. To compensate this trust gap, travellers have changed their behaviour during the last few years. Today, 34 % of guests check their beds for bed bugs before they settle in their hotel room. Further, even before booking with a hotel, people read reviews and if there’s even a mention of a bed bug review – no matter if it’s true or false – 56 % choose another hotel. Most importantly, public concern has reached a point where any bites inside a hotel room – until otherwise proven – are thought of as bed bug bites.

Before, hoteliers haven’t had a choice but to remain exposed to incoming bed bugs. Today, with Valpas Hotels, every hotel can be safe.

Valpas Hotels is the only company in the world that introduces a new class of most trustworthy hotels that are safe of bed bugs. The company makes existing hotels safe of bed bugs with their new patented technology. Travellers can then choose a Valpas Hotels member for their stay now in seven European cities and travel and sleep there with a peace of mind.

In doing so, Valpas Hotels eliminates the existing trust gap between travellers and hotels for the benefit of both.

Valpas Hotels work with best hoteliers – members have an average guest rating of 9.0 on

Hotels that join the Valpas Hotels member network have increased their revenue and avoided any damage to reputation. Just like the #1 hotel of Finland on Tripadvisor, boutique hotel the F6 in Helsinki.

The hotel has an international client base and has been a member for a year. During this time, the F6 has been introduced twice with bed bugs and both instances have been prevented. The old way of finding problems and then remediating them is a thing of the past. Guests are kept safe and rooms clean and operational around the clock.

The hotel’s 66 rooms have also been running at higher occupancy and higher margins. Valpas Hotels has connected more business and leisure clients googling for safe stays with the F6, redirecting them from to the hotels own website for more organic bookings. The hotel has also recently won’s “Loved by Guests Award 2019” (9.8/10), “Guest Review Award 2018” by, as well as Tripadvisor’s “Travellers’ Choice 2019” award.

”We belong to Valpas Hotels because we care about our customers. It’s a win-win – both for the hotel and our customers”, says F6’s owner Roni Saari.

Guests seem to prefer to book with a Valpas Hotel member compared to a regular hotel: 71% of guests who’ve stayed at a member hotel have a strong preference to book with another Valpas Hotels member for their next stay (98% have a general preference).

To meet this guest demand, Valpas Hotels’ goal is to build its global network into all key cities around the world by the end of 2020. That’s why the company for now limits the number of hotels they work with per city or region. Valpas Hotels is launching in the UK during Summer 2019.

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