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UKH welcomes confirmation of support for supply chain businesses

UKHospitality has welcomed clarification that hospitality supply chain businesses affected by the COVID-19 crisis are eligible for discretionary grants.

The Government yesterday published a revised FAQ clarifying that suppliers to the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors who have lost demand can be awarded discretionary grants by local authorities.

Award amounts can be £25k, £10k or any amount under £10k.

UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “It’s good to see the Government acknowledging that businesses in the supply chain have been hit hard too, and clarification that councils can support them with a grant.

“We urge councils to respond positively to applications by supply chain businesses hit by COVID-19 as these businesses are just as vital to the health of hospitality. Support needs to be comprehensive and applied right across the entire scope of the sector if we are to reopen successfully and keep as many businesses afloat and as many jobs secure as possible.”