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Lucky Cat Manchester, the grand Asian-inspired restaurant from the esteemed multi-Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay, is thrilled to announce its latest evolution in opulent dining. Building on its reputation for creating an ambience of refined extravagance, Lucky Cat is now offering unparalleled private dining experiences to its guests.

Set within the historic confines of a majestic old bank, Lucky Cat Manchester possesses three breathtaking dining rooms including ‘the Vault,’ a captivating space transformed from the bank’s original vault. Seating up to 12 guests, the Vault is graced by glimmering feature walls and golden cats, encapsulating an air of ultimate exclusivity. This one-of-a-kind experience is completed with a private bar and an exclusive menu featuring Monkfish tempura, Wagyu sirloin, and an exquisite dessert platter, among other gastronomical delights.

Aside from the Vault, Lucky Cat boasts two additional premium dining rooms, each seating up to eight guests. Offering a blend of privacy and opulence, these rooms present an unrivalled dining experience, perfectly suitable for intimate gatherings or business meetings.

For those seeking a semi-private experience with a captivating atmosphere, the mezzanine area is an unbeatable choice. Overlooking the main dining space, this versatile area can accommodate up to 80 standing guests or be creatively partitioned into smaller spaces for more intimate gatherings. Additionally, a chic and spacious bar is the perfect locale for stand up receptions. This combination of the mezzanine and bar offers a dynamic, flexible option for events of different sizes, granting an immersive, energetic experience of the restaurant’s heart while preserving the feel of a secluded event.

The pièce de résistance for grand events is the opportunity to hire the entire restaurant. Lucky Cat can cater to larger affairs with space for up to 250 guests, promising an unforgettable night steeped in exquisite culinary pleasures.

“We have always aimed to provide a unique dining experience to our customers,” says Gordon Ramsay. “With these private dining spaces, we have elevated the sense of exclusivity and luxury, making every event at Lucky Cat an occasion to remember.”

Private dining at Lucky Cat presents a multitude of menus, each designed by Ramsay’s culinary team to satisfy every palate. From a sashimi selection to smoked BBQ aubergine and grilled miso salmon, each dish embodies the spirit of Asian cuisine, all meticulously crafted for sharing and togetherness.

With Lucky Cat’s private dining options, there is an extraordinary experience for everyone. Immerse yourself in the culinary delights of Gordon Ramsay’s innovative cuisine within the breathtaking confines of a stunning private space.

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