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Why hospitality businesses need to invest in social media

Social media agency Arise have highlighted the importance of social media for hospitality businesses and are encouraging more business owners to think carefully about how they appear online.

With more and more customers opting to check out businesses online before choosing where to book, social media presents a unique opportunity to show yourself off to new customers and keep in touch with existing ones.

Arise say that simply being present on different digital channels is not enough, and the quality of your social media communications is what your audience will respond to. Arise say that using high quality photography, graphics, and well written posts will help showcase yourself to potential customers, establish credibility and build trust. If you pride yourself on your luxury interiors, stunning views, and top class menu, you absolutely must show it off online, and ensure that your brand is reflected in the way you communicate.

Putting aside social media advertising budget can also help to boost sales. Once you have high quality content to post, you should consider putting some money behind it to make sure the right type of customers are seeing it. Paul Roden, owner of luxury Peak District hotel Losehill House Hotel & Spa said:

“Investing in our digital marketing has been extremely worthwhile. We have been able to communicate with a large proportion of our customers in new ways which has seen our revenue increase.”

Adam Willerton, Senior Profile Manager at Arise says:

“Social media presents the opportunity to place yourself directly in front of your target audience. By creating highly tailored Facebook ads, you can target by location, age, income or interest. Social media adverts allow you to get the best results for your marketing budget.”

If you would like to know how social media can help you reach new and existing customers, take a look at Arise’s guide on why social media is essential for hospitality businesses.

Arise’s dedicated team of social media specialists keep a close eye on your channel to quickly respond to messages, capturing bookings when customers are at the consideration stage. They also deal with any negative complaints quickly and efficiently, allowing potential customers to see your establishment is open and willing to help. The social media management they offer essentially frees up your time, allowing you to focus on running your establishment, while they look after your digital presence for you.

To find out more, visit the Arise website, or call 0114 430 0145.