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AB Concept Designs Argo, Four Season Hong Kong’s New Destination Cocktail Bar

Building on the elegant arrival experience and new lobby Café, AB Concept has reimagined the Four Seasons Hong Kong’s cocktail bar, Argo. Set to become a new must-visit destination for guests, visitors and locals to experience world-class innovative and explorative cocktails, Argo is inspired by a traditional conservatory, with sweeping architectural curves and a palette that incorporates rich textures, floral patterns, and sophisticated finishes, offering a refined escape in one the busiest cities in the world.

Walking towards the bar from the main lobby, guests are greeted by a feature wall made of wood inlaid with a subtly ornate flower pattern that guides them into Argo. Inside, AB Concept has created a luxurious and flexible space that will function for the hotel from morning through to night, the space transforms to easily suit the mood for a long leisurely breakfast or decadent afternoon high tea, through to buzzy happy hour drinks and even a moody venue for an evening nightcap.

“Our vision for Argo was to create a new destination bar that suits the vibrant scene in the city and does justice to the stunning Victoria Harbour views while also striking a balance between function and aesthetics. Our design concept was inspired by a conservatory and we wanted this to be conveyed in many of the thoughtful details throughout the bar, from the use of mirrors to reflect the incredible views and give an immense sense of light and depth to the space to the array of critters framed on the wall by artist Raku Inoue,” said Ed Ng, co-founder of AB Concept.

The vast and impressive views of Victoria Harbour become a statement backdrop for the circular main bar that takes centre stage. A dramatic feature within the space, the bar was previously an imposing column considered an obstruction to the view, AB Concept has given this structural element intention by embracing the form and cladding it with over 136 cylinders wrapped with false faux shagreen and framing it with a custom chandelier. 72 of the cylinders revolve and open to create functional storage for the bar as well as a stunning design focal point. This new centrepiece also brings a sense of impressive scale to the space and defines the central bar area.

Inspired by a conservatory, Argo’s VIP room features many curved and faceted surfaces as well as mirrors throughout that reflect the light and views to create a sense of depth. AB Concept worked with Raku Inoue, the Canada-based, Japanese multidisciplinary artist who works with organic materials like flowers, leaves and stems to create beautiful artworks. For the space, Inoue created a series of insects such as butterflies and beetles using paper and leaves that are framed throughout the space and bring the conservatory theme to life. These works are complemented by impressive floral displays and decorations that complete the aesthetic.

The main seating areas are semi-enclosed to create a feeling of intimacy and are defined using open dividers made of polished nickel that don’t obstruct the stunning views. The choice of nickel provides a functional and unobtrusive structural element for the daytime while in the evenings the mirrored finish reflects the light to create a sparkling ambiance while a custom textured ceramic wallpaper incorporates another textural element and adds to the luxurious feel of the space.

The sleek curves of the frame are also accentuated by hanging terrariums that tie into the conservatory design and become focal lighting features. The furniture throughout has been designed by AB Concept and custom made specifically for Argo to perfectly suit the evolving functions of the space and needs of guests. Custom patterned tables feature floral patterns inspired by the design and paying homage to the conservatory concept.

Image Credit: © Chester Ong

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