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Do you guarantee a good night’s sleep?

soak-sleep-logoSleep is a part of life, and crucially, one that consumers  will pay big money for. As the mainstream media focuses on a  sleep revolution, everyday people on the street are becoming  more and more aware of the impact a good night’s sleep has on their lives. If you’re in the hospitality industry, this is great news. The revolution delivers a new angle with which to draw guests in: the guarantee of a good night’s sleep. The hotels that can deliver on this promise are certain to see customers returning again and again, in search of the holy grail of a decent night’s sleep.

As the name would suggest Soak&Sleep is a bed and bath  company, known for supplying consumers directly but with an expanding wholesale department. As a company, the sleep revolution has been at the very heart of what we do from the very beginning. Each of our product ranges is developed from the inside out. That means that they’re specifically crafted to improve guests’ quality of sleep and help them feel more rested. Crucially, our products are designed to do this again and again, night after night. They’re engineered with longevity in mind – so you can be confident they’ll launder with ease and still feel as good for the next guest. It’s this unique approach to product that has helped us to win a whole host of awards for them, including being voted as the Which? best duvet brand in a reader survey.


Think it all sounds rather expensive? You’re in for a great surprise. The outstanding range is priced extremely competitively, delivering a great return on investment – and an even better night’s sleep for your guests. The ordering process is simple and transparent, with dedicated specialist contacts, a growing referral programme and even an extra 5% off for new customers.


Can yo
ur soft furnishing supplier promise the same?

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