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Focus on natural designs and individuality

Bauscher, manufacturer of the most-used professional porcelain in the world, is presenting its new design Scope at the spring trade fairs The Scope collection makes an excellent impression with its modern, rustic elegance. Plates, bowls, dishes, and platters are available in a smooth form or with an exciting relief pattern. Scope comes in white and in two color glazes: a warm gray and a greenish blue offer variety.

Weiden, Germany, January 2020

Scope: Decidedly simple – with special features 

The Scope collection creates a suitable, calm platform for savoring dishes in a relaxed manner. The design is minimalist and, precisely for this reason, can be used in a multitude of ways. Apart from smooth and structured plates, bowls, dishes, and platters in sleek white, the collection includes articles in a gray and in a light greenish blue variant. The look of the color version varies slightly with each piece. As a result, the porcelain exudes a handmade character which further reinforces the homely, feel-good atmosphere. Scope also stands apart from the other collections with its characteristic structure: a rod relief. The size of the rods resembling grains of rice is the same for all flat pieces, while the curvature of the structure is adjusted for the bowls and dishes. The structure has a particularly striking effect in the articles with color glaze due to the darker color nuance in the recessed relief rods. These shadows are created by the varying depths of the rods and make the structure especially interesting.

Porcelain for Tomorrow – Since 1881

In 1881, brothers August and Conrad Bauscher decided to manufacture porcelain for hotels and restaurants – an absolute novelty in the industry at the time. Their professional porcelain was to be robust, functional, durable – and beautiful. This claim has been met by every single tableware item to this day and has made the porcelain from Bauscher the most-used professional porcelain in the world. All products are sustainable and environmentally friendly – that’s very important to Bauscher. Certification to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 attests to this. The collections impress not just through their design but also through their excellent durability and “Made in Germany” quality.