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Preciosa Lighting

PRECIOSA Lighting Monaco Yacht Show. Photo By: Roman Mlejnek

Jewelry and lighting serve a similar decorative purpose. This sparkling treasure was inspired by the 15th century Dutch paintings and the jewellery worn by the women in them. Pearl Drop is a statement lighting piece, classic in its reference to pearls but modern in the simplicity of its overall shape. Glass and metal are the only two materials used and because of this, the design can be constructed into a variety of shapes. The initial design was done by Studio Tjep.

PRECIOSA Lighting Pearl Drop Design-Frank Tjepkema


The pearls are illuminated from inside but due to the rich depth of the crystal and triplex opal material it remains a beautiful bright sculpture in natural light.

Jewellery and lighting serve a similar decorative purpose. One can consider the allure of jewels when designing for attractiveness but the refinement of the glass and the placement of each individual trimming is how remarkable lighting is created.

                                                                   Photo By: Jan Dolezal


“The epiphany of ornament in its purest form.”


About Preciosa Lighting

Preciosa Lighting elevates the heritage of Bohemian crystal through contemporary lighting designs. The company is built on centuries of tradition and the unique art of master glass makers from Crystal Valley. We honour this heritage and craftsmanship by creating innovative lighting products that stand the test of time.

PRECIOSA Lighting Pearl Drop Signature Designs. Photo By: Jan Dolezal