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Groupe GM and Pascal Morabito Celebrate 20 Years of Partnership

To celebrate this milestone, Groupe GM is redesigning the line to make it more eco-friendly

Groupe GM, a leading international player in the guest amenity sector, is celebrating 20 years of partnership with French jewel designer, sculptor and poet Pascal Morabito. 

Pascal Morabito has been an artistic visionary for almost 50 years, creating avant-garde jewellery and sculptures since 1970.  He is known for creating masterpieces – and his hotel lines are no exception. 

In 2000, Pascal Morabito launched his first hotel line with Groupe GM, marking an entirely new venture for him. When designing his collections, Pascal Morabito wanted to create something signature and contemporary. 

Morabito currently has two exclusive hotel lines with Groupe GM – the Contemporary Line and the Premier Line – both with exquisite attention to detail and flawless execution.  As the name suggests, the Contemporary Line offers guests a modern take on the traditional hotel line, with a fresh, revitalizing fragrance and sleek product design.  After a successful launch for the Contemporary Line, Morabito released the Premier Line, which offers guests a subtle blend of luxury and refinement and generous bottle and soap sizes.

Pascal Morabito has elevated the traditional hotel line, placing opulence in the hands of guests across the world.  Morabito and Groupe GM both share a dedication to luxury, style and quality, which has allowed this partnership to prevail over the past 20 years. 

In light of this 20-year milestone, Groupe GM is excited to evolve even further and to continue its partnership with Pascal Morabito.  Innovation is at the forefront of the Pascal Morabito brand, and Groupe GM is now making increased efforts to channel this innovation within the guest amenity sector.

Throughout the years, Groupe GM has remained passionate in making responsible and informed decisions when it comes to its environmental footprint. In 2018, it announced its Care About Earth program, which aimed to contribute to sustainable production by adopting oxo-biodegradable packaging and renewable raw materials. In keeping with Groupe GM’s tradition of sustainable values, Pascal Morabito soaps are now pleat-wrapped instead of film-wrapped. This has drastically reduced the amount of plastic used during manufacturing, without compromising on style. In addition, Groupe GM will also revise its Ecopump design in 2019, making this product family even more enjoyable for guests.

“We are proud to be celebrating this milestone in our partnership with Pascal Morabito, and now look to the future as we implement even more sustainable methods of delivering luxury and quality to hotel guests”, commented Laurent Marchand, President of Groupe GM. “Innovating through the use of sustainable materials and product design will continue to be a key focus for Groupe GM when working with Pascal Morabito to develop products that have minimal impact on the planet, but make a lasting impression on guests.”

In addition to product design, Groupe GM also has plans to improve its soap formulas in order to make them better for consumers, as well as the environment.  Pascal Morabito products will be crafted using palm oil coming from sustainably managed palm plantations and will be formulated without EDTA and BHT, in a bid to deliver a healthier, more organic product to guests.

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