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Henson’s Bar at Mimi’s Hotel Launches Decadent New Cocktail Menu

Soho Favourite Revives Forgotten Classics In-Style 

Soho cocktail bar Henson’s at Mimi’s Hotel, launches a brand-new cocktail menu celebrating forgotten classics that blend historical practises with the contemporary spirits. Under the expert guidance of bar manager Francesco Delfino, the new menu includes five distinct chapters; Signature, Aperitivo, Classic, Vintage and Mocktails. A regular haunt for the vibrant Soho crowd, Henson’s Bar is a luxurious sanctuary in the heart of the city.

Forgotten Classics

Highlighting the venue’s passion for cocktails from a bygone era, Henson’s Bar has included Vintage cocktails on their menu for the first time. These include the Martinez, which can be traced back to 1880’s, made with Crocodile Old Tom Gin, Del Professore Classico, Maraschino Luxardo and orange bitters and the White Lady, originally conceived by Harry MacElhone in 1919 at Ciro’s Club in London, a combination of Creme de Menthe Tempus Fugit, Cointreau and lemon juice.

Icons Reinvented

Signature cocktails feature inventive reinventions from Francesco and his team. Truffle In Paradise; a luxurious serve, featuring truffle oil fat washed Maker’s Mark 46 combined with cocoa-like and buttery Cacao Tempus Fugit finished with Angostura bitters. The fruity BananaRama brings together eco-conscious Discarded Banana Rum, Brixton’s Market Row Rumbanana liqueur and lime for a truly tropical taste.

Classico Italiano

A cornerstone of La Dolce Vita, Aperitivos play a dominant role on the menu, perfect for pairing with the bar’s charcuterie and cheese boards, all sourced from the finest local suppliers. Highlights include the Spritz Veneziano, a classic combination of Select Aperitivo, prosecco and a splash of soda, to transport guests to the ‘the floating city’ or take a trip to Italy’s fashion capital with a Campari Shakerato, featuring Campari, gin and grapefruit.


Mocktails are given equal amounts of dedication, ensuring flavour-forward drinks  for those adopting a low and no lifestyle. The House Ginger Beer is a spicy combination of GIMBER (organic ginger concentrate), maple syrup and lemon reminiscent of a chilled version of a Hot Toddy, whilst the Spritz No More brings together two non-alcoholic aperitifs, Everleaf from the UK and Crodino hailing from Piedmont, a saintly union of both Italy and the UK.

Flights of Fancy 

For those who can’t quite commit to one cocktail, Henson’s Bar offers triptychs; three mini cocktails for only £12. The Martini flight takes drinkers on a journey from the first documented ‘Marguerite’, an early days Martini, in 1888, through to the first 2 parts London Dry to 1 part Dry Vermouth created in 1906. A triptych devoted to Scotch, features three serves made with Macallan 12Compass Box Great King St. and Monkey Shoulder, the ideal drams for Burn’s Night.

Bar Manager Francesco Delfino notes: “We can’t wait to re-introduce a selection of classic cocktails to our customers old and new. We have always prided ourselves on serving the heroes of modern cocktail culture, with a strong focus on Italian serves and feel this is one of our strongest menus to date.”