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Let it Glow with Industville’s Sustainable Lighting

Perhaps one positive to come out of the pandemic is that we have all had the chance to re-assess how we live and what we buy.  Consumers are more concerned over how their products are made, choosing more sustainable, natural and eco-friendly goods from companies they trust. Industville have always worked hard to ensure all of their products are built with sustainability in mind and that as a company they leave minimal impact on the world around them.  

A truly versatile range

 Industville design and build a large collection of lighting for all rooms of the home and uniquely their core range is cleverly designed to coordinate beautifully with any of their other styles.  For customers this means that if they want to purchase a new lighting product months or even years down the line, they won’t need an entirely new light or suite of products, as any new Industville product will just fit right in.  Marketa Rypacek, Managing Director at Industville Ltd adds, “Here at Industville we are always striving to make our products as sustainable as possible. We use natural, raw metals, reducing the reliance on plastic and other chemicals. When it comes to packaging our products, we always use biodegradable bubble wrap as well as paper tape so that our packaging can be easily recycled.”

This is also true of upcoming products and additions to the Industville range (keep your eyes peeled for new products to be launched in April) as the designers ensure everything works seamlessly together.  This is helped in part by the fact that Industville only use three core materials for all of their lights; pewter, brass and copper.  Keeping to this simple but effective formula not only ensures easy mixing and matching across the entire range, but also allows Industville to have comprehensive control over quality.

An eco-friendly outlook

All of the products are handcrafted and made from natural and recycled materials such as pure brass and copper, something the company has always been proud of.  Sustainable production methods are employed in the factory, where processes are regularly evaluated to see if they can be streamlined to become even more efficient. Marketa comments “Industville  manage  the whole manufacturing process to ensure the design and materials are in line with our ethos and values, regarding both sustainability and quality.  We are very proud to have gained  the ISO 9001:2015 certification which further demonstrates our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.”

Valuing artisan skills

Industville work closely with artisans to develop their unique product range.  By combining timeless design with traditional skills passed down through generations, each individual piece has it’s own character and story to tell.  Industville strongly believe in the value of keeping these age-old techniques alive and the knowledge that comes with them.  These amazing skills really help to set their products apart from others on the market.   Marketa adds, “As an owner of an internationally recognised company, I have always believed it is vital to appreciate and value our people from employees through to suppliers.   We often choose to work with independent businesses, social projects and co-operatives, to build strong relationships for the mutual success of everyone involved.”

Summer Lovin’

With the roadmap to ease lockdown restrictions in place and the Summer months just around the corner, now is the perfect time to do all those garden renovation jobs and adding some carefully placed outdoor lights will ensure leisure time outside can be enjoyed for even longer.  Perfect for setting the scene for alfresco dining, future garden parties or just a spot of evening relaxation with a good book, the right outdoor lighting will add extra hours and extra enjoyment to the time spent in the open air.

Industville’s outdoor lighting designs are the perfect mix of classic and contemporary so they work well with both modern and traditional properties.  All designs are compatible with LED bulbs, which are not only energy efficient but also have incredibly long lives, making them the perfect sustainable choice.  The bulbs themselves are also available in a variety of shapes and colours, giving even more choice to achieve the perfect look desired.  Bright white may be chosen for areas needing practical lighting, whereas a warmer vintage style amber bulb may be preferred to create a softer atmospheric glow.

After selecting the style or styles of light needed for a space, the next thing to consider carefully is their positioning. As Marketa Rypacek comments, “Think about the direction of each light to ensure you are not exposing something you’d rather not draw attention to or creating too much glare. Exterior lighting will accentuate the architecture, colours and textures of your property for a home you can be proud of. Make sure you experiment with different positions before you decide on a final placement. You can use a large torch in varying placements to see where it is likely to provide light.  For glow without glare, opt for downward facing wall-mounted lights that create a relaxing atmosphere that can be enjoyed by all.”