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Meet the revolutionary coffee brand harnessing science and innovation to create pure pleasure in every cup

Artisan Coffee Co. are changing the game and setting a new tone for coffee in 2022. Having mastered the art of blending and aroma optimisation Artisan’s coffees go far beyond a mere caffeine hit.

Their distinctive, deep and provocative blends have been created and perfected by some of the most prodigious experts in the industry. From Michelin two-starred chef, Ashley Palmer-Watts of Fat Duck fame, to a team of the world’s best Q graders (the coffee industry’s equivalent to a sommelier), some of the best minds – and palates – in the business are behind Artisan’s memorably characterful coffees.

By pushing the boundaries of taste and flavour and adopting a meticulously scientific approach, the team at Artisan Coffee Co. have crafted an exceptional coffee experience like nothing you’ve tried before. This is not just specialty coffee; this is seriously special coffee.

Your customers choose you because they want to create special memories and, whether enjoyed first thing in the morning or last thing after supper, Artisan Coffee will transport your customers somewhere truly magical – all they need to do to get there is to walk through your doors.

Artisan’s signature collection includes six indulgent, characterful coffees with something for everybody:

The Heroine – Choc ’n’ nut nirvana
The Big Shot – Dark and memorably rich
The Smart Cookie – Sumptuously smooth
The Genius – Wondrously complex
The Enigma – Plum perfection
The Dreamer – Sweet harmony; a deluxe decaf

Artisan have made it their mission to transform the coffee industry one cup at a time. They give you and your team the power to choose how you brew. All six characters are available as pods or coffee bags – perfect for hotel rooms -, whole bean and ground – the natural choice for restaurants -, and they even have an artisanal martini mix which has been expertly blended using a combination of coffee-infused winter wheat vodka, cold brew coffee and a rich and silky salted Demerara and Muscovado syrup – ideal for stocking your bar. Furthermore, their unique packaging keeps your coffee at its flavourful best, ensuring that flavour and freshness is maintained cup after cup. No subtle note is lost. The result? Pure perfection every time.

With Artisan, you’re in the best company; they’re constantly innovating, evolving, and seeking perfection. The only challenge your customers will face is how to stop at just one cup.