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North Yorkshire Designer Kim West Launches West by Design Limited Artisan Wallpaper – Luxury Wallcoverings for the Hospitality Industry.

Luxury Hospitality Magazine takes 10 minutes with Kim West to discuss the collection, what inspired the brand, and her next steps.

“I’ve always been creative, and having lived in a small village near the seaside town of Saltburn all my life, I’ve always been surrounded by beautiful, natural inspiration! From the dominating Jurassic coastline that runs five minutes from my house to the beauty of the moorland and the woodland, nature never fails to provide beautiful architecture, pattern and colour.

Décor and interior design in the industry is the best it’s ever been. It truly has become a standalone part of the customer experience, and in the age of imagery and social media, can hugely influence customer decisions. Alongside the super-chic, gloss-polished minimalist look is a more relaxed, homely vibe, warming up country pubs, hotels, tearooms and bars – and that’s where I think I fit.


I’d describe the first collection, West Heritage, as “luxe-rustic”, perfect for bringing images of quintessential British nature inside, surrounding customers with an artisan aesthetic.

Each paper in the West Heritage range has been inspired by experiences in my surrounding homeland; from the squawking gulls over the cliffs to the humble bumblebee. I hand paint each of the motifs, carefully working them into a textured background colour from a natural palette to complete their story.

Some of the designs are bold – Passport the fox certainly doesn’t fade into the background – but some of them are more relaxed (The Gare, featuring soft gulls on a muted blue backing), so their uses definitely aren’t limited!

The papers themselves are a 300g matte unwoven product, making them hard-wearing and washable; something I wanted to focus on during sourcing and development. Although they’re an artisan designed paper, I wanted them to hold up to the rigours of life in hospitality environments. As paste-the-wall, they’re also very easy and quick to hang, and maintain their integrity. The matte stock gives them a delicious earthy, tactile feel which compliments their subject.

I’m really enjoying showcasing the collection, and am currently developing new launches, plus bespoke pieces for private clients. A second range is in development at the same time, so it’s very busy at West by Design Limited HQ! if I’m not on the beach or amongst the trees, you can usually find me painting!”

Kim West

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