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The art of designing for sleep: How hotel design can promote a good night’s sleep for a better guest experience

Sleep is vital to good health; yet almost one in five Britons aren’t getting enough of it[1]. Whilst the importance of sleep has never been out of the spotlight, it’s become more prominent in recent years as people place more focus on work-life balance, greater wellbeing and ensuring they get enough good quality sleep.

As a result, hotel guests are prioritising their sleep experience, expecting the same, if not better, when they stay away from home.

At Hypnos, the central focus revolves around the ‘Art of Designing for Sleep,’ a cornerstone of the guest experience. This emphasis stems from recognising that sleep deprivation not only leads to fatigue, anxiety, and depression, but also contributes to long-term conditions like heart disease, obesity, and Type 2 diabetes. As adults require between seven to nine hours of high-quality sleep each night, achieving this balance involves a spectrum of factors meticulously considered in our approach to bedroom design.

Firstly, a dark bedroom can promote restorative sleep by regulating melatonin production, which can be effectively facilitated using blackout curtains to block outdoor light.

Addressing noise as a significant contributor to sleep deprivation, is also key. Hoteliers should prioritise mitigating sound transmission by implementing measures like soundproofing walls, ensuring guests can enjoy complete silence during their stay.

Additionally, room décor can also influence sleep. Calming shades of blue and green foster relaxation, whereas visually stimulating hues like reds and purples may adversely affect sleep quality.

Beyond décor, the bed and the mattress are a at the heart of any guestroom. Specifically, the mattress which plays a pivotal role in ensuring a comfortable sleep experience and significantly reduces sleep disturbances.

David Baldry, Group Managing Director, Hypnos Ltd, comments: “This proactive shift within the hospitality sector aligns with the growing awareness that a good night’s sleep significantly contributes to overall guest satisfaction. The truth is,  wellbeing should always be at the forefront of the overall guest experience, which is something that we discuss in our Hotel Hypnos series. Each episode features highly informative interviews with influential people in the industry and focuses on topical issues facing the sector from interior design trends through to marketing, sustainability and optimising overall guest experience. The series adds further value for purchasers and specifiers seeking to offer their guests the best possible hospitality experience.

“As experts in the art of sleep for 120 years, Hypnos is committed to enhancing guest well-being through the pursuit of supremely comfortable, sustainably-made beds and will continue to create sleep solutions that address this.”

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