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Three ways technology can take luxury to the next level

By Rebecca Kelly, VenueScanner CEO

At heart, what makes an experience feel like a luxury is indulgence, comfort, and ease – and there’s nothing like technology for making life easier. But it’s got a lot more potential than that. Tech can take a stately, striking or unusual space and make it into something really special, for guests and owners alike. Here’s how.

Use tech to get ahead of the trends

In the last few weeks, spurred by the likes of Saltburn and The Traitors, we’ve seen 117% more enquiries on VenueScanner for castle locations. Look at Google Trends to see how interest in certain moments has raised or declined over time. And you can turn that insight into targeted promotion through your digital marketing channels, like social media.

Tech can help with that, too. AI tools offer an easy, cost-effective way to plan and create content. And once you’ve hooked their attention, you can use video and virtual 360 tours to give potential customers a sense of the space from afar.

Make everyone’s stay seamless

Tech-enabled online booking, check-in and check-out are pretty much the standard now, even if you’re also offering a personal touch to guide them through it. Behind the scenes, you’re likely already using tech to make all sorts of processes more efficient too – from managing inventory to onboarding new staff. Thinking creatively about how to enrich guest experiences with tech could be a game-changer.

For example: what if you switched old-fashioned event ticketing for face ID? No more scrabbling for a lost email, and it’s better for security, too. Are you using tech to track RSVPs and sign-ins, or to gather feedback? That data goes straight back to your marketing. Could you use AI to match up potential networkers and let them know who’s worth having a chat with? Think speed dating for business. Can a simple chatbot be an extra assistant to answer guest questions quickly? (Just make sure you’re clear it’s AI talking, and how they can alert a real staff member if they want to.)

Don’t forget to check how your conference facilities are holding up. After all these years of working remotely and hybrid, they’re in constant demand, and people’s expectations are greater than they used to be. High tech, adaptable meeting rooms are a real draw – especially when compared to traditional settings (no need for a fake background when you’re Zoom calling from an actual turret).

Upgrade the sensory experience

You’ve no doubt designed your lighting to the letter to create a soothing, inspiring or energising space. Change it up, and you change the whole experience, which gives you much more scope for marketing the same room in lots of different ways. Sound systems are sometimes the last bit of kit to get an upgrade, but they can elevate an experience from fine to amazing. Think of the acoustics in a great stone hall…

It’s these finishing touches that make a venue feel standout and keep corporate clients coming back for more.


The key to all of this is to think of tech as more than just your website bookings or meeting room projectors. It’s how you can track, create and keep interest in your venue – and how you define what luxury means now.