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TradTruss – Feature Trusses

All styles, All sizes, All timbers – Standard & Bespoke

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     Easy, simple  DIY on-line pricing – or ask for quote.

Standard feature truss designs
to help optimise your budget
Feature trusses come in a wide variety of shapes and
sizes. Save yourself time and cost by choosing one from
our range of pre-configured standard King & Queen post
trusses put together from the most common requests we
have received over the years. You can see the range and
get prices in our standard truss online store.

Choose aesthetic materials for your design
Traditional vaulted ceilings often  incorporate Feature
Trusses. Green Oak usually springs to mind BUT
you may want a different look so we also provide:
Douglas Fir – Larch – Redwood – Engineered Glulam, etc.

Totally bespoke, unique  trusses & frames
    The sizes you want       –      The style/design you need
The materials you need  – Complete Truss Frames
Find out more in our bespoke truss section.
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Traditional or Modern components to suit your design

Most of our Feature trusses are crafted using traditional mortise and tenon  joints with timber pegs.

If you are looking for a different aesthetic you can also choose to have more modern components including:

  • Galvanised & Stainless Steel Fittings
  • Galvanised & Stainless Steel Stirrups
  • High-Tensile Metal Tie bars and Rods

Peace of mind for you & your clients from high quality craftmenship & precision engineering

You can rest assured that your truss will be manufactured by skilled craftsmen who posess a love of timber and that it will be precision engineered using modern engineering processes to ensure a perfect fit on site.

What our customers have said

I’ve found others before you, even closer to Manchester, but I have to say that your online estimator was the only one I’ve found

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