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Stroodles partners with Diddy Diners to launch eco-friendly alternatives to plastic-filled party bags and presents

New Eco Activity Kits available at Selfridges from May 15th combine edible tableware and fun educational kitchen activities. The unique range teaches children about natural ingredients alongside the importance of sustainability.

LONDON, UK – Stroodles Eco-Tableware have partnered with Diddy Diners to bring two innovative product ranges to the UK market – Eco Goody Bags and Eco Activity Kits – providing high quality and engaging gifts with sustainability at their core.

The partnership has launched with a choice of two activities; ‘Magic Colour Changing Lemonade’ (which includes pasta straws) and ‘Gooey Choccy Cake in a Mug’ (which includes edible cocoa spoons).
Both options are available as boxed Eco Activity Kits (containing multiple product units) or as individual Eco Goody Bags. In every case, there is a foodie activity with corresponding piece of edible tableware, as well as an educational activity booklet that teaches about natural ingredients and the importance of sustainability.

Both the Eco Activity Kits and the Eco Goody Bags are available to buy on the Stroodles and Diddy Diners websites as well as with select online and physical retailers. The Eco Activity Kits will be available in Selfridges from Monday 15th May.

“Whether you are looking for exciting new present ideas , searching for an alternative to plastic-filled party bags, or looking for complimentary gifts for little guests at events – these new products have got you covered,” said Maxim Gelmann, Chief Stroodle and Founder of Stroodles. “We are thrilled to be adding to our range of Pasta Straws, Edible Cups, Eco-Plates and Edible Spoons.”

Josephine Fernando, Founder of Diddy Diners added, “As a parent, it can be difficult to find exciting, high quality eco gifts and activities for children. Our environmentally friendly, educational products blend hands-on kitchen fun with super cool edible tableware, helping to empower the next generation of eco foodie champions. Diddy Diners could not be prouder of our new collaboration with Stroodles.”

The ‘Magic Colour Changing Lemonade’ option shows children how to fill tea bags with dried butterfly pea flowers, that are caffeine-free and associated with a range of health benefits. Children are surprised when their tea bag turns still/sparkling water a vibrant blue colour and further wowed by a secondary colour change that awaits when they add a little lemon juice (thereby changing the PH). A little honey is added to sweeten the lemonade and the (included) Stroodles pasta straws provide an exciting and sustainable way to enjoy the drink. The individual Eco Goody Bags cost £4.99 and the Eco Activity Kits retail at £14.99 (0% VAT).

The ‘Gooey Choccy Cake in a Mug’ option includes a delicious cake mix that is free from refined sugar and made using high quality ingredients such as Peruvian lucuma and organic cacao powders. Children pour the mix into a mug and add a little milk (of choice), oil and honey, before cooking it for just 40 seconds in the microwave and devouring it with a Stroodles edible cocoa spoon. Excitingly, the Eco Activity Kits also include a sachet of branded Cocoa Canopy chocolate beads that can either be added to the cake mix for extra goo, or used to make decadent hot chocolate on the side. The Eco Goody Bags also have the option to add these sachets. Individual Eco Goody Bags cost £6.49 and corresponding Eco Activity Kits retail at £16.99 (0% VAT).

The Stroodles x Diddy Diners partnership also works with brands to create bespoke, customised Eco Goody Bags and Eco Activity Kits, based on any budget and for any occasion – e.g. corporate events and parties, hotel gifting and amenities and even for children as they travel. Alternatively, their current range of products can be personalised with company logos, flyers and other corporate information.

Together Stroodles and Diddy Diners are continuing to develop the range of party bags and activity kits further, so expect to see their product range grow through the coming months.


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