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Your future depends on WiFi

Technology has become very important in maintaining guest satisfaction. WiFi is no longer portrayed as a commodity or IT based cost. It is also no longer a perk for tech-savvy or business customers. It is a must-have for every hotel and your future depends on it.

According to TripAdvisor’s survey, 46% respondent said free in-room WiFi is a must-have amenity – meaning that, if an accommodation did not provide it, they would look elsewhere. Moreover, 26% of travellers said that they require an accommodation that has super-fast WiFi and 11% are willing to pay extra for this service.

Such findings show raising importance of WiFi and its impact on guests’ satisfaction. At the moment guests bring on the average more than two devices per head. It is believed than in just couple of years this number will double. More devices mean more streaming and more streaming mean higher usage of bandwidth.  The demand for quality broadband access anytime and everywhere will only grow. Not hard to imagine how TripAdvisor ratings drop down if your hotel is not prepared for that. Every hotelier knows how bad review can seriously harm the business. Why not preventing this from happening and investing in high-speed internet access now?

Where to start? Firstly choose experienced high-speed internet access (HSIA) provider. The idea of setting up your own network is very tempting but it will not be cost-effective in a long term. Technology is changing very rapidly, therefore it is better to trust professionals who can supply you with future-proof solution. The latter will depend on used hardware. There are various respected names on the market. Use their technical background rather than cutting down the costs. Their products will make a difference. Also take attention to the deployment time – as installation might mean exchanging some of the cabling, you cannot afford closing down your business for a week.

Hoist Group has it all. With over 20 years of hospitality solution know-how and being preferred WiFi provider for Accor properties across Europe, they can help you with setting up reliable internet access satisfying even the most demanding guests. If it is not enough, Hoist Group has in-house 24/7/365 support which helps to solve all the issues very swiftly.

If you wish to know more, join us during our special webinar Wi-Fi: They key To Success with Today’s Digital Guest (And How to Achieve it). It will take place on 2nd November at 3pm.

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